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Michaela spends part of her time as the owner and creative director of Mī Fitness, and the other half as a wife and mother of two young children. She hales from the Bronx, NY, but has spent almost 2 decades in DC, pushing athletes and fitness-seekers to greater heights using exercise, dance and healthy eating.

Michaela's love for fitness and dance are gifts from her parents. She went from a young girl, batting tennis balls away from her father, to the first African American women to lead the Georgetown University Women's Field Hockey team. And from watching her mother perform African dance routines on stage to creating the Exoterobics® brand followed by viewers across the world.

"Michaela is a beautiful genius and we loved my Exoterobics® [session] in DC!!! Hardest and funnest workout ever!" (Margaret Cho)
Like her followers, Michaela experienced a time where staying in shape was pain-staking, overwhelming and too time-consuming. In this time of need, she fell back on her love for dance and sports to get her mind and body back right; and obtained her certified personal trainer's license from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This life changing experience empowered Michaela to not only craft workout routines that energized herself, but also those that she could share with the world.

Given her first-hand experience with juggling the duties of a wife, mother and business owner, Michaela bases her teachings off turning hobbies and everyday activities into an opportunity to positively affect personal fitness. And now she's more determined than ever to show you how to take charge of your fitness success any- and everywhere that life takes you.
Mī Fitness is a mobile fitness platform that makes
health activities fun, quick and easy-to-follow.
Michaela takes a real life approach to her
instruction, incorporating dance, loved
ones and open discussion to deliver her
message - a message that "it's never too
late to get fit; you're never too
busy to workout; exercise can
actually be fun and entertaining
and healthy eating is not
tasteless and too expensive!"

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