Meet Michaela Brown-Jones

Personal Points
- Personal training & instructor for over 14 yrs.
- Dance choreographer and teacher for 25 yrs.

- mother of two young boys
- creator of Exoterobics and Twerk Out
- celebrity trainer

(1993 - Present) Dance Choreographer/Teacher
(1999 - 2008) HS Athletic & Conditioning Coach
(2003 - Present) Certified Personal Trainer
(2006 - 2017) Owner, The P Spot Fitness Studio
(2017) Owner, Mi Fitness

"If you want to know who I am just take a look at what I do. I love to share, educate, fellowship
and motivate others to own their path to positive outcomes. My passion has always been good health, physical fitness and creating a sense
of happiness from the inside-out. However,
these days, my most important endeavor
is setting a positive and healthy example
for my two sons.
" -Michaela