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Classes Subheader Frequently Asked Questions

Exoterobics® is our company's signature fitness program, and offers a sexy alternative to traditional group exercise classes. Headlined by our Pole Fitness class, all Exoterobics® classes use sexy, easy-to-follow dance routines to trick women into working out. It's the perfect alternative to the typical gym experience, which can become boring, overwhelming and subsequently ineffective. So if you're ready to "drop it, lift it, work it, twerk it, do it and love it," then check out these seductively intense classes. Check out our line up below.

Pole Fitness
This class is the sexy remedy to all your fitness woes. Using a variety of lifts, swings, dips and poses, our easy-to-follow pole routiness are guaranteed to "take your fitness higher!"
Bedroom Body
This class is the ultimate floor workout, stimulating all your favorite muscle groups - abs, legs, arms, and butt. Whether we're performing a "body shot," a "spread eagle," a "twizzler," or a "blooming onion," this class is guaranteed to get you "bedroom ready!"
Sensual Stretch
This low-impact flexibility class takes the idea of stretching to a whole 'nother level. With a unique blend of static and fluid positions, this class is sure to take you out of your comfirt zone.
Chair Play
Imagine your special someone in a chair; now think of all the things you could do to him (or her) on that chair. Now, let's add a dose of "pop," "dip" and "drop" to this fantasy and you've got yourself a little Chair Play.
Strip Aerobics
This sexy aerobics class is all the fun of a striptease, minus the "naked." So let's strut, shake and strip away all those pounds and inhibitions - because it's time to work!

Looking to add a little "pop" to your workouts? Don't know how to twerk? Well, that's alright because we'll show you everything you need to know to get that sweat droppin' and that booty poppin'. So join us, for this full body Twerk-fest!
This pole-based circuit training classes takes a more traditional approach to pole fitness by dedicating a specific amount of time, to individual moves with minimal rest. This combination of long repetitions and short rest times, not only allows students to hone some of their favorite pole moves, but it also maximizes calorie burning and cardio training. Great for new and veteran students. LEARN MOREREGISTER

Footwear & Shoe Policy
While participating in high-heel shoes is not required, they are highly recommended for students participating in our all Exoterobics® classes (except Bedroom Body and Sensual Stretch).

For Pole-Based Classes: High-heel shoes,* sneakers or bare-feet.
For Chair-Based Classes: High-heel shoes,* sneakers or bare-feet.
For Floor-Based Classes: Bare feet, only.
For Twerk Classes: Sneakers are recommended, but students may also be bare foot.

*Students who choose to exercise in high-heel shoes, must rent or purchase their shoes directly from The P Spot® Fitness Studio. Subsequently, students are not allowed to bring their own high-heel shoes, unless they were previously purchased from our company. No exceptions.
Cancellations, Make-Ups and Missed Classes
Timely Cancellations/Changes: Students may cancel or change their registration without penalty up to 24 hours prior to the said class. All modifications of this kind, must be done by the student herself, online or on-site. To cancel or change your registration:
1. Login to your user account.
2. Select the "Your Bookings" option located on the right side of the customer area.
3. Locate and select the registration you want to modify.
4. To Change: Simply change the current class type and/or date to the new type or date.
__To Cancel: Simply "delete" the booking and press "ok."
5. Select "ok" to process your changes.
6. Await both an on-screen confirmation and email confirmation of the change/cancellation.
Untimely Cancellations/Changes: Unfortunately, students who initiate cancellations or changes within 24 hours of their class, are not eligible for make-ups, credits or refunds.

Missed Classes: Missed classes are treated like untimely cancellations and cannot be rescheduled or refunded.
Mobile Devices and Personal Belongs
Personal belongings (outside of class aids) are not allowed in the danceroom while class is in session. This includes, but is not limited to mobile devices, purses, car keys and wallets. Personal belongings can be stored in the free cubbies or paid lockers located in our student lounge, or outside of our facility.
Who Can Participate
No men│No children│No spectators
Exoterobics® classes are for WOMEN ONLY. To provide the most comfortable exercise environment for our female students, men, children and spectators are not permitted in our group fitness classes.

Men and minor children are not allowed inside our facility while class is in session.
Late Policy
All students are encouraged to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start time of their class, especially on the first visit to our studio. We generally will allow students who are running late to enter class, however only during designated break times, and at the discretion of our instructors.
Online Registration: Online registration is the quickest, most efficient way to secure you spot in class ahead of time. This method also allows you to view, change and cancel registrations at your leisure. Payment is required at the time of registration.

On-Site Registration: Provided there is sufficient availability, our front desk staff is happy to book a class on our behalf while you are on-site at our studio. Once the class is booked, you may view, change and cancel the booking at your leisure. Payment is required at the time of registration.

Walk-In Registration: Students may visit our front desk, and register for an upcoming class on the spot, provided there is available space. Walk-in registrations are perfect for students with unpredictable schedules. Payment is required prior to entry.
Photos or Video
To protect the privacy of all students, we strictly prohibit the use of cameras and other recording devices while class is in session.
What To Wear
Participants are encouraged to wear clothing in which you feel comfortable sweating and moving around freely. This includes but is not limited to t-shirts, shorts, spandex pants, sports bras, etc.

Students participating in pole-based classes are encouraged to wear clothing that exposes more bare skin. This includes but is not limited to tanks, boy shorts, lose bottoms that can be rolled up above the knee, etc. These students should also avoid wearing oils, lotions, stockings, leggings and other items that promote slippage on metal poles.
Unfortunately, there are no spectators (male or female) allowed in our danceroom while class is in session. All registered students must participate to the best of their ability. Unregistered guests are not allowed in the danceroom, while class is in session.
Inclement Weather Policy
During inclement weather or severe travel conditions, we primarily take our cues from DDOT, the federal government and local news sources.

If a class is NOT canceled by our company on days affected by severe weather conditions, then we will be more lenient with our cancellation and admission policies. In this case, participants should consider safety first and either proactively cancel/change their registration themselves, or submit a cancellation/change request to us prior to class via email.

If a class is canceled by our company due to inclement weather, then we will exhaust all means to contact you in a timely manner. This may include a direct phone call, email communication, or postings via our social media pages. Affected students will also be sent an email with instructions on how to reschedule.