Online Nutrition Seminar Sunday 12/17/17 @ 7:00 AM
Followed by:
Organic Fruit & Cleanse Activity @ 10:00 AM
A Trip To The Market @ 12:00AM

CONSULTATION: Fitness/Wellness Assessment
Package Discounts Available

Phone & Video Conferencing Is Available For This Program.
A necessary first step to any new food and fitness regimen, Michaela will meet with you (in-person, over the phone or by video conference) to pin down:
  1. Your specific fitness/weight/health goals, and in what time frame you plan to accomplish them.
  2. Your level of commitment as far as readiness, schedule and timeline.
  3. Your wellness budget.
From that conversation, Michaela will craft a personalized food and fitness plan for you, that can be followed with or without her guidance.
SEMINAR: Eat Like A Queen/King Seminar
Group & Package Discounts Available

Phone & Video Conferencing Is Available For This Program.
Guided by Michaela’s core principle to “upgrade the quality of your food,” this roundtable-like discussion empowers fitness-seekers to:
  • Shed pounds by eating more, better quality food.
  • Make healthier food choices for themselves and their families.
  • Become educated consumers of food.
  • Pursue a “clean,” eating regimen that considers his/her schedule, budget taste buds.
  • Take control of their own health and fitness success.
Michaela breaks down complicated and painstaking nutrition concepts into simple terms, and in doing so, helps everyday people, spend less time obsessing over dieting and calorie counting; and more time enjoying the “fruits” of their labor.
ACTIVITY: A Trip To The Market
Group & Package Discounts Available

Have a good idea of what healthy eating involves, but need to learn the “how?” Well, this This guided grocery shopping trip to your favorite grocery store, takes all the concepts discussed in the Eat Like A Queen seminar and puts them into real, live action. Participants of this seminar will get first-hand training on:
  • Finding healthier alternatives to your favorite foods.
  • Reading, understanding and deconstructing food labels.
  • Bulk- and bargain-shopping for organic foods.
  • Food shopping for the week.
Participants have the option to actually shop or simply take notes. Either way, after this seminar, you’ll never again be bamboozled by misleading branding or overwhelmed by the notion of expensive, confusing health food shopping.
Group & Package Discounts Available

Phone & Video Conferencing Is Available For This Program.
Jumpstart your weight loss today with this 100% fruit and vegetable cleanse. Generally used as a transition into your new healthy lifestyle, this 7-day cleanse:
  • Rids your body of excess fat and impurities.
  • Accelerates your metabolism and helps you eat more to weigh less.
  • Relieves stress and induces better sleeping.
  • Teaches you how to easily integrate organic fruit and vegetables into your preferred diet.
Participants will receive:
  1. Written cleanse instructions
  2. A health tracker
  3. Ongoing support for the duration of the cleanse
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