pole class

When Are Michaela's Classes?
Michaela teaches at VIDA Fitness - U Street most Saturdays at 4:30pm. Classes are open to members and non-members of all fitness levels.

To register, contact Michaela at mjones@vidafitness.com

How Much Are Classes?
Single Class
6-Class Package
12-Class Package

Member Purchases & Registrations:
VIDA Members may purchase and register for classes by logging into their MyiClubOnline account and purchasing one of the "SGT Specialty" options.

Registrations can also be done via the MyiClubOnline portal or by emailing Michaela at mjones@vidafitness.com

Non-Member Purchases & Registrations:
Non-members may purchase and register by emailing Michaela at mjones@vidafitness.com
What Do I Wear To Class?
The best attire for pole fitness class is clothing that exposes your skin and that allows for dynaic movements. This includes but is not limited to shorts, tank tops and sports bras.

Participants should avoid wearing long-length spandex pants, restrictive clothing and skin oils/ lotions.
For safety reasons, participants are ONLY permitted to wear the following during class:

Approved High Heel Shoes
Bare Feet
While not required, gripping solution and approved high heel shoes are strongly recommended.
What Is The Cancellation/Return Policy on Purchases?
- A 24-hours notice is required for all class cancellations.
- No shows and cancellations made within 24 hours will result in the forfeiture of that class.
- All purchases (including classes, accessories and packages) are non refundable.